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β-Androstenetriol-OA (TLR-108) 98.5%

β-ANDROSTENETRIOL-OA (TLR-108) is an optimized analogue intended for research into optimization of agents toward the goal of an optimized adjunct agent to foster anxiolysis, cortisol reduction, and reduction of stress induced symptomatologies devoid of any adverse effects.  Indicated for anxiolytic/stress and anti-obesity research.

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Purity ≥98.5%

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β-Androstenetriol-OA (TLR-108) is an optimized analogue we developed several years ago for the indications of addressing moderate to severe chronic and acute anxiety/stress conditions. In extensive animal testing the mean effective dosage per p.o. (oral) administration showed EC50 potency equivalence with diazepam as the standard at approximately 200% that of diazepam in animal anxiety models assayed.  Inhibition of cortisol was superior to diazepam at this dose.  No sedation or locomotor dysfunction was indicated at any dose assayed.  There was no significant depression of the HPTA or changes in important blood parameters assayed.  Nitrogen retention, TSH, and thyroid hormones levels were notably significantly increased.  Thus, it is currently being pursued for further study for these indications and as a more refined and optimized treatment for anxiety conditions and related stress-type conditions primarily as an adjunct therapy, with the addition to counter and control the highly negative effects of cortisol.

β-Androstenetriol-OA (TLR-108) through its inhibition of cortisol production, enhancement of nitrogen retention, and stimulation of thyroid releasing hormone (TSH)/thyroid hormones it as well has indications toward anti-obesity and anti-cancer/anti-muscle wasting research.

β-Androstenetriol-OA (TLR-108) Theorized HED estimates for potential clinical trials:

β-Androstenetriol-OA (TLR-108) is theorized from extrapolations from the existing animal data to require dosages of 5-15mg b.i.d. to achieve optimal effects in humans for the noted indications.

Solubility:  Soluble in ethanol at >30mg/ml

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.


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USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.