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HARA-OX is an orally bioavailable Herbal Androgenic Receptor Activator Optimized Xtract with exceptional potency.

HARA-OX is non-steroidal, however is a full agonist at the Androgen Receptor (AR) with a potency approximately 2-3x that of methandrostenolone and no demonstrated hepatotoxicity.

Indications for myotrophic/anabolic research.

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HARA-OX is a First-In-Class Non-Hepatotoxic Orally Bioavailable Ultra-Potent Herbal Androgen Receptor (AR) Agonist Optimized Xtract.  It has been designed and developed within the intention as to a future Optimized Agent for testosterone replacement and within other applications where such agents can be exploited.

Animal Research

HARA-OX  was demonstrated to be ~2-3x as potent as methandrostenolone as the standard via oral route animal assays for anabolic and androgenic parameters, with a lower degree of estrogenicity.  In comparison to injectable testosterone it has demonstrated a potency ~4-6x within androgenic and anabolic parameters, with a somewhat significant reduced estrogenicity.

The half-life has been demonstrated to be ~14 hours.

No hepatotoxity or nephrotoxicity was demonstrated.

Future Human Clinical Trials

HARA-OX is highly available via the oral route of administration and demonstrates a potency within animal assays that predicts an effective oral dosage for replacement therapy at 5mg q.d. or b.i.d.  

HARA-OX  will engender HPTA shutdown, as within that of any such agent within the class.

HARA-OX  is a non-steroidal herbal extract that does not contain any distinct steroidal structures, but does afford near identical effects of endogenous testosterone, with greater potency.

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.