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DCRM-OX Dual-Acting Calorie Restriction Mimetic Optimized Xtract

Indications for anti-obesity and anti-aging, as well as anti-oxidation research

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DCRM-OX Dual-Acting Calorie Restriction Mimetic Optimized Xtract

Animal Research Efficacy Highlights:

DCRM-OX demonstrates highly significant and rapid reduction in bodyweight in animal models via selective PPARalpha agonist effects and potent oxidative phosphorylation uncoupling effects.  

DCRM-OX imparts effects that mimic those of calorie restriction while as well imparting appetite suppressant effects.  Siginifcant antioxidant capacity was as well found within assays.

Projected Clinical Trial Theorized Optimized Protocols:

DCRM-OX, within extrapolation from animal data, is projected to have dosage arms for anti-obesity effects at 400mg and 800mg b.i.d. to produce rapid weight loss.  DCRM-OX is projected to provide a non-stimulant weight loss agent with minimal adverse effect potential.

USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.