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CBSA-OX Guided Scientifically Engineered Cannabinoid Receptor-2 (CB2R) Selective Agonist 

CBSA-OX is a highly potent and selective CB2R agonist (main active: K(i)=89nM).

Research Indications: Cannbinergic/CB2R research, Analgesia, Antidepressant, Anti-Cancer, and Anxiolytic research.

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CBSA-OX Guided Scientifically Engineered Cannabinoid Receptor-2 (CBR2) Selective Agonist 

Sources: Scientifically Engineered Caryophylli Flos Extract

CBSA-OX is a highly potent and selective CB2R agonist (main active: K(i)=89nM).  Effect upon 5HT1aR determined to be that of high efficacy partial agonist activity is noteworthy at higher concentrations (K(i)=478nM).

Prounounced effects demonstrated within animal models of analgesia (particularly inflammatory and neuropathic pain paradigms) as well as within antidepressant models and anxiolytic models.

Analgesic oral dosage potency and efficacy is projected to be potentially superior to similar administered dosages of cannabidiol (CBD) within animal models assayed for analgesic indications.

Efficacy toward neuropathic pain has also been assayed to be approximately equivalent to pregabalin as the active reference.  

Within this it appears a potential agent suitable for optimizing any protocol for all etiologies within the pain spectrum, including complex pain conditions.  Within encompassing anxioytic and antidepressant efficacy such should provide even more profound benefit overall within such conditions.

Marked synergistic effects have been demonstrated with other cannabinergic modulators including CBDM-OX, CBRM-OX, and SGAN-OX.

Future Human Clinical Trials:

The dose arms for future human clinical trials with determination from all given data will be at 100mg and 200mg b.i.d.  Twice per day dosing is theorized to be viable as to duration of activity.  It is projected to be recommended to be taken with means for superior overall efficacy.

Anti-Cancer Paradigms:

Cannabinoids have been reported to possess antitumorogenic activity.  Cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are overexpressed in primary human breast tumors compared with normal breast tissue. CB1/2R mediate the breast tumor-suppressive effects via a coordinated regulation of cyclooxygenase-2/prostaglandin E2 signaling pathways and induction of apoptosis. Thusly, CB1 and CB2 receptors could be used to develop novel therapeutic strategies against breast cancer growth and metastasis.

The G protein-coupled receptors CB2 (CB2R) and GPR55 are overexpressed in cancer cells and human tumors. CB2R and GPR55 form heteromers in cancer cells, these structures possess unique signaling properties, and that modulation of these heteromers can modify the antitumoral activity of cannabinoids in vivo. These findings unveil the existence of previously unknown signaling platforms that help explain the complex behavior of cannabinoids and may constitute new targets for therapeutic intervention in oncology.

Appearance:  Yellow oily liquid

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USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans