Acetyl Semax (Ac Sem) 98%

Acetyl Semax (syn. Ac Sem, N-Acetyl Semax, Semax Acetyl)

Analogue of Semax demostrated to have markedly superior pharmacodynamics to the parent compound, an agent that demonstrates capacity to stimulate operative memory and attention. Semax has been hypothesized to regulate neurotrophic factors that impart benefits towards neuronal and glial cells.

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Acetyl Semax (syn. Ac Sem, N-Acetyl Semax, Semax Acetyl)

Semax is an analogue of regulatory peptides that has undergone all stages of observation, from fundamental investigations to practical usage. It has been demonstrated that this peptide is capable to stimulate operative memory and attention, to increase resistance to hypoxia and to improve brain circulation in experimental animals and human beings over prolonged period (20-24 h after intranasal administration in doses 0.015-0.050 mg/kg). Semax significantly improves memory and attention in healthy men under extreme conditions of activities. Moreover at present semax is successfully used in treatment of patients with different diseases of CNS. Semax has been hypothesized to regulate neurotrophic factors that impart benefits towards the proliferation, differentiation and survival of neuronal and glial cells. In the majority of cases the peptide exhibited positive effects and in no case it produced negative side actions or complications connected with its administration. There is good reason to believe that medical potentialities of semax have not been exhausted and in future new possibilities of its usage will be revealed. [1]

One of the chief problems in the creation of effective and useful nootropics is the how the chemical makeup of these substances is treated by the body. Often times the Neuropeptides are relatively unstable within biological media that is subject to proteolytic activity. When one improves the stability of a substance the positive effects are much longer lasting. Semax (Met-Glu-His-Phe-Pro-Gly-Pro) is broken down extremely quickly (within 60m) upon introduction into the biological medium in one study (a rat brain) hardly enough time for a significant benefit to be derived from the increased BDNF expression that occurs with Semax. Russian researchers acetylated the compound and increased its longevity when introduced in vivo. The Acetylated version of this peptide has a much longer functional time and isn’t as subject to being broken down, allowing for much more pronounced Neurotrophic action. [2]

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