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Optimized Extract - Addiction Cessation Research

Scientifically Engineered Proprietary Optimized Extract Formulation Acting Upon Resetting Addiction Targeted Pathways and Counteracting Hyper-Psychoneurodysfunctional States.

Indication for anti-addiction, anti-withdrawal, antidepressant, anxiolytic, neurogenic, anti-obesity, mood disorder treatment, and anti-psychoneurodysfunctionality research.

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Premiere "Pan"-Addiction Cessation Wholly Novel Herbal Extract Blend

ADDX-OX Scientifically Engineered Proprietary Herbal Extract Formulation Optimized with Goals within Acting Upon Resetting Addiction Targeted Pathways, Promoting Cerebrotonic Restoration, and Counteracting Hyper-Psychoneurodysfunctional States

Extract Sources: Proprietary cultured scientifically engineered strains and extractions


Currently ONLY supplied as a "powder" form as hard powder/solid

ADDX-OX, within rat and mouse models typified to assay for such, induced prompt elimination of all characteristics of cravings and withdrawals upon all drug classes that were assessed, including stimulants, opiates, benzodiazepines, nicotine, alcohol, and sugar. Effective anti-addiction nature against opioids was displayed near instantly upon administration via p.o. route administered to mice at 150mg/kg twice within the first day and was administered for four successive days at once orally per day (in chow). No resumption of 'drug seeking' behaviors were observed for the two week period following administration as observed.

ADDX-OX as well has demonstrated in limited testing against a wide array of animal psychoneurodysfunctional condition models a sigificant pan-psychoneurodysfunctionolytic capacity.

ADDX-OX: Optimization Research - Theorized Design Intents and Goals

ADDX-OX has been pursued for optimization with the intention to be a truly powerful total addiction cessation agent, either as a stand-alone agent or within an integrated protocol for promotion of the very most optimal addiction cessation outcomes.  The whole conception and subsequent design and R&D behind ADDX-OX was to create a superior and wholly adverse effect free non-psychoactive agent for addicition cessation that surpasses the efficacy of Ibogaine.  Within that this forumation encompasses potent activation of the same pathways expressed by ibogaine, other than the psychomimetic pathways, as well as additional supportive addiction cessation pathways.

ADDX-OX has been designed to create poweful addiction cessation effects along similar pathways as ibogaine and coronaridine, among some other pathways additionally entailed, however, is optimized to be devoid of any and all adverse effects.  Within this it is optimized with a goal to provide a truly revolutionary first-in-class total addiction cessation agent with profound efficacy.  

ADDX-OX optimization research has also looked to foster the goals of creating long-lasting addiction cessation within powerful resetting of dysfunctional brain neurochemistry, which as well can also promote superior mental wellness within all psychoneurodysfunctional states (particularly so within severe states not typically responsive to any conventional treatments available to date, including states displaying multiple severe comorbidities).

ADDX-OX Mechanisms of Action:

ADDX-OX comprises several mechanisms of action in which most prominent are neurotrophic/nuerogenic mechanisms (specifically robust GDNF and synaptogenic enhancement), 'strategic' nicotinic receptor modulation, opioidergic system restorative modulation, and serotonergic system restorative modulation.

ADDX-OX Human Trials:

In human trials ADDX-OX demonstrated rapid and near complete alleviation of cravings and withdrawals in >86% of subjects within a broad range of substance addiction paradigms.  In the majority of subjects a complete negation of cravings and withdrawals was demosntrated after just the first dose.

ADDX-OX has been assayed at doses of 400mg to 1200mg at one to two times on the Day 1 of full cessation and 400mg to 1200mg one time for three to five days following.  This course has seen to be sufficient for sound success.

For alcohol and benzodiazepine cessation, HCBT-OX was seen to increase all parameters associated with optimized cessation.  SBZD-OX was as well assayed as an adjunct that fostered optimal cessation success and 'comfort'.  ENKI-OX and SNRB-OX have demonstrated to be adjuncts of benefit in individuals with the most severe addiction paradigms.  Maintenance with low dose ADDX-OX and/or SNRB-OX, SZBD-OX, and HCBT-OX demonstrates most superior efficacy to avoid any potential for relapse.

With a goal towards total optimization, within a Total Optimization Protocol, the ADDX-OX platform is always under constant refinement within this goal to create a rapid and wholly 'painless' means for addiction cessation within all paradigms and with absolute greatest efficacy.


Currently ONLY supplied as a "powder" form as 50% hard powder/solid and 50% powder, as the two blended components of ADDX-OX are at 50% each and currently we have such only to be supplied in this format as half in a solidified powder form and half as a true powder.

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USAGE: For Research Use Only! Not For Use in Humans.