The pursuit of progressive research into optimized development, integration, and treatment protocols involving neuropsychological modulating agents.

TrueLIFE Research places an emphasis on neuropsychological, neuroregenerative, and nootropic research. This includes antidepressant research (MDD, Bipolar Disorder depression, et al.) , anti-addiction research, anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) research (GAD, PTSD, SAD, et. al.), OCD research, and other mental health conditions, disorders, and dysfunctions (anti-psychoneurodysfunctionality research as we have termed such as a whole - though it is a mouthful).

With new and progressive research emphasis placed within the modalities of kappa opioid receptor antagonism (KOR antagonism, KOR-I), targeted glutaminergic modulation (NMDA, AMPA, GluR, GlyR, etc.), targeted cannabinergic modulation (CBR1, CBR2, GPR55, FAAH, MGDL, CBRI, etc.), and neurotrophic/neurogenic enhancement (BDNF, GDNF, NTF, synaptogenics, neurogenics, etcl.) psychoneurodysfunctionality research is moving toward exciting, progressive research orientations. Obviously, there are as well many other pathways of value and much progressive research ahead in a forward looking manner to furthering the progress of such research that will lead to the betterment of humanity.

Incorporation of progressive research that entails research into synergistic combination protocols is a strong emphasis. We will be relating our findings as such research progresses. We welcome contributions of research of any nature regarding in vivo animal or in vitro research. It is appreciated if such can be as detailed and professional as possible. We will endeavor to coordinate research of such a nature that will be evaluated for merit and consideration for a database we aspire to create in time.

Very early and limited research that we have been fortunate to conduct within a murine model has at present indicated what appears to be a significant synergism between J147 and NSI-189 Phosphate, as well as such incorporated within administration that combines substrates that positively effect the other pathways so noted in preliminary small-scale animal research. We are pleased to be able to provide these materials for further research into compounds and pathways with such promise toward progressively superior resources to foster superior health and well-being.

Neuropsychologics: any agent (compound or extract) that encompasses significant neuropsychomodulatory capacity


Scientifically Engineered Proprietary Herbal Extracts

Innovative Research Focus

TLR SEP-OX™ are high-efficacy, natural Optimized Xtracts

derived from scientifically engineered cultured strains

and progressive guided screening and extraction methods.

Produced under GMP conditions for superior quality research grade material.

For those who wish to engage animal research with naturally occurring extracts.

Contribution of feedback on any well-detailed research conducted is always welcome.


Compounds and analogues from series we are exploring

to foster the creation of Optimized Agents and Optimized Analogues

TLR OA™ are high-efficacy, optimized agents for the promotion of research

toward agents with superior therapeutic index and overall efficacy;

maximization of beneficial attributes and minimization of adverse attributes.

For those who wish to engage research involved in optimization of overall efficacy.

Contribution of feedback on any well-detailed research conducted is always welcome.