TrueLIFE Research
True to Life, True to Progress

TrueLIFE Research (TLR) consists of a cooperative of dedicated scientists, researchers, science enthusiasts, and humanitarians with the desire to pursue and further progressive life science research. The mission of TrueLIFE Research is to foster scientific development within the life science research community encompassing a spectrum ranging from hobbyists (non-professional) research endeavors to that of semi-professional and professional researchers and institutions.

The intent is to foster the interests of the life science research community as a whole allowing life science research to flourish and progress. Such is well within the hopes of strongly promoting the betterment of quality of life of humanity as an end goal through greater progress in the sciences that are directed to enhancing all aspects of quality of life, health, and well-being.

As such, all assistance, support, and donations are readily welcome to best ensure proliferation of the broadest platform of highest quality research chemicals, extracts, supplies, and other related items and requirements of a nature that encompasses pursuit of progressive and integrative life science intents and to ultimately foster the intents to promote the betterment of overall quality of life.

The TrueLIFE Research project is not at all a new project in the sense that it is a new direction from the original landmark project started over 15 years, that moved forward to create groundbreaking innovation.  The founders of TrueLIFE Research have been involved in scientific research, R&D, chemical synthesis, phytochemistry oriented endeavors, integrative scientific-oriented endeavors, and research chemical and material supply for over 15 years. Associates involved with TrueLIFE Research have vast experience within a multitude of disciplines as relates to a wide ranging spectrum of scientific disciplines and interests.

The desire to provide a platform of true worth to the scientific community is one born with a vigorous passion and dedication. The integrity and mission of the cooperative will always look to expand the horizons of life science research and related areas, with a focus on providing quality materials that will endeavor to encompass novel, foward-thinking, and 'in-house' developed proprietary compounds to the community.

Dedication to providing the best quality, service, and value to the scientific community is at the heart of the passion of the founders, as well as all members of the cooperative. We will always try to do our all to accommodate the needs of the life science research community. We thank all who donate and support within any and all means.

We are within the development process of the website and full platform. We are engaging to foster the needs of the scientific research community at the earliest ability and are able to supply the following within the present format prior to the 'official launch'.

It is our aim to provide as best as possible for any and all scientific intents within our lifescience platform. We hope to grow and evolve quickly, as to be a resource of great benefit to the scientific community and to the interests of progressive science. Any and all respectful and responsible suggestions and feedback are more than welcome.

Thank you for taking the time to read through and become acquainted with our website! :)


Within over 15 years of dedicated progressive research, TrueLIFE Research and TeamTLR have developed a massive intellectual property portfolio.  This platform of progressive and innovative life science research IP has been extensively developed within the cooperation of a contributing force of passionate and forward-thinking scientists totaling over 50 years of dedication. Boundaries have been broken toward highly innovative 'renegade' research and R&D that fosters core goals of true innovation and progress as per our motto: "True to Life, True to Progress". Our Optimization Research program is a main emphasis of our project; a principal factor within the passionate and dedicated progress toward its mission and goals.

The research materials that include TLR-OA and SEP-OX items are optimized agents/analogues and extracts that have all been well tested in animal models. Most have been extensively tested in many varied animal research models and capacities over the past years within our R&D program. The primary goals with most of these Optimization Research materials are to create an improved safety profile and a highly improved therapeutic index (enhanced beneficial effects and reduced/eliminated adverse effects), as well as that of overall pure efficacy. This is the prime directive of our Optimization Research program toward superior agents to foster improved wellness and QOL.

These materials are most all not blends of any fashion, except wherein as noted for certain SEP-OX items as to those derived from more than one herbal/natural source.  TLR Optimization Research items, being original proprietary SAR-derived synthetic chemicals (agents/analogues) and scientifically engineered extracts from independently developed strains and guided screening assays, make every attempt to move the bar forward over much all else available within striving for optimization  as to groundbreaking efficacy, highest therapeutic indices, and potential first-in-class landmark agents.

For those engaging innovative "forward-thinking" progressive life science research, our proprietary TLR-OA and SEP-OX agents are made available at the discretion of the researcher. Our Optimization Research program is anticipated to bear fruition within issued patents and related best means to provide the necessary platforms in which our IP can promote the greater betterment of humanity. However, regrettably the TLR project does not as yet nearly have funding to allow for such at this time. As such, we are willing to offer these innovative research agents for those who wish to engage in highly progressive life science research, but notably at this juncture in which we will not divulge details that will readily compromise the intellectual property basis.

Truly innovative progressive life science research is the true scientific core of TLR. Members of TeamTLR have a strong disposition toward revolutionary creative thought. This highly “outside-the-box” mentality, free from the dogma and constraints that is unfortunately so domineeringly prevalent, affords the freedoms that best enables the ability for groundbreaking innovation and progress. This scientific drive and passion to progress to superior means for the alleviation of suffering, as well as toward overall QOL enhancement and transhumanist-related goals, forms the core ethos of fostering the betterment of humanity and truly humanitarian endeavors that is central to the project mission of TLR and the TeamTLR members.

True to Life, True to Progress

We are here at TLR to foster that which creates strong positive movements, via progressive research within the life sciences and the fostering of humamitarian ideals, toward the betterment of humanity.  A fundamental prime directive within this scope comprises an intense degree of passion and compassion to do all as best to alleviate suffering. As such, we will support CRITICAL research directed towards this aim.  We will work with researchers who may have such needs in a fashion to assist in some manner as may be deemed necessary or best.

Contact if you believe your research qualifies. Kindly note, please only serious, sincere, and honorable inquiries.

More on that which is MissionTLR - A Further Introduction:

Kindly allow us to introduce ourselves. Our project is TrueLIFE Research (TLR). TLR is an endeavor of the truly greatest passion and compassion. Those within the collective involved with the project are members of the TeamTLR cooperative who share similar interests and goals. The dedicated scientists, humanitarians, and others so affiliated within TeamTLR are all committed to fostering a true revolution within the life sciences towards a better world; a humanity with less suffering and oppression.


Our project is first and foremost one that centers around progressive, cutting-edge science and research directed towards the humanitarian endeavor of alleviating suffering and improving the quality of life (QOL) for those who are most desperately in need of such. Some main emphases within this scope include research geared toward addiction cessation, mental and emotional dysfunction (pan-psychoneurodysfunctional) alleviation, cognitive dysfunction alleviation, chronic pain alleviation, and dysfunctional illness/condition-related alleviation.


As well, there is a strong emphasis towards overall enhancement of QOL, towards goals of superior or 'supraphysiological/transhumanist' states. This includes a movement towards optimization and enhancement of consciousness, mental and physical well-being, fitness, appearance, longevity, cognition, energy, sexual health, and related means that can enhance one's QOL.


We believe we have within our scope some pioneering and revolutionary work with regard to anti-addiction research, anti-'psychoneurodysfunctionality' (= all mental health dysfunctions) research, analgesic research, anti-obesity research, anti-fatigue/vigilance research, and anti-aging research, as well as many other fields of research as to that which is encompassed by our mission.


To give a brief overview of our products, the agents for progressive research that are available on our website comprise novel and innovative neurogenics, analgesics, glutamatergics, cannabinergics, nicotinics, nootropics, and 'longevitropics', and many more.


We at TrueLIFE Research hope you can take some valuable time to thoroughly look around the website and familiarize yourself with the project and our products. Kindly take some time to not miss “ABOUT TLR” and JOIN TEAM TLR” on the site for more information about our project, its mission and goals, and our Team. As well, do not hesitate to contact us here at TrueLIFE Research. A member of TeamTLR should always be able to get back in a timely manner. We sincerely appreciate any and all who share our mission goals and philosophies and look forward to meeting those who wish to be part of 'our family'.


TrueL.I.F.E. Research is a Liberating Initiative toward Freedom & Enlightenment, toward the betterment of life and humanity, toward compassion and hope, toward community and contribution, toward brotherhood and love, and ultimately toward peace and the well-being throughout mankind.


If you are willing to get behind these values then spread the words to your friends, family, or even strangers on the internet.  Blog, tweet, post our website to your own communities, so that we may all share the pursuit of the goal of a higher QOL in the new era we hope to create.

Kindly see Join Team TLR section as well for more on all this...

Please always look to move with kindness and compassion toward your fellow humans and all with whom we share the planet with - it is the healthiest and most beneficial QOL optimization of all!


All the very best,