TeamTLR - Raising The Bar

The Cutting Edge of Lifescience Research

TLR is an endeavor based on passion and dedication to furthering science and the betterment of humanity. We welcome all who share such a passion and vision. We are currently seeking experts in organic synthesis, chemical lab assays/analytics, compounding, website development/search engine optimization, scientific research assistance, scientific writing and related content development (including orginal scientific-based [primarily cited] articles and further developing supportive content for description pages) to best further the platform of the cooperative.

If you have any sincere intent to be part of the Team kindly contact us and relay contact information and details regarding your background and in what capacities you may wish to best contribute. If there is any sincere desire to foster any contribution to the efforts of TeamTLR, in whatever capacity, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Anyone who has a scientific endeavor that is along our mission and goals do not hesitate to request assistance.

Again, any and all contributions are welcome and we wish to have a very broad and extensive platform for furthering all matters as relates to the life sciences and enhancement of quality of life. We are committed to bringing an ever expanding platform of broad intent, highest integrity, and assured quality to serve the community. We openly welcome all worldwide within the scientific community who share such a purpose to be a part of this mission.

TeamTLR is all about passion, dedication, humanitarianism, quality of life, excellence, community, harm reduction, knowledge, integration, cooperation, self-empowerment, freedom, & enlightenment. The mission entails a constant striving to create means in which science and compassion can foster the betterment of humanity.

We will be making every endeavor to afford innovative, progressive, and valuable assets to the progressive life research community. We have a truly global Team network encompassing individuals and groups from over two dozen countries. For those who share such goals we welcome you to be part of the Team.

Our sincere thanks to all who support such efforts!