Ordering and Shipping Information

Materials are supplied strictly for non-human research requirements and scientific applications.

For further information please see the TERMS page.

Order and Inquiry Contact: For all support with orders or any other inquiries kindly contact us at TLR@TeamTLR.com for a prompt reply.

We will always endeavor to ensure you are satisfied with the service and within instances of any nature that should require some form of compensatory accommodation we will do our best to accommodate accordingly.

Supplies are currently limited:

Orders are on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-Orders are accepted where so noted and terms of Pre-Orders are outlined herein. Pre-Orders will only be taken to the point the next batch currently in production can accommodate as if this sells out the item goes into Back-Order (Out of Stock) status until that Pre-Order allocation is fulfilled. General lead times will be 2-3 weeks before any item will be offered for Pre-Order and an estimated shipping date will be provided within the information page for the Pre-Order item.  Please see the SPECIALS page for more regarding Pre-Orders as such may entail discounts or special offers with a Pre-Order purchase.


We are committed to your satisfaction and will afford a full 100% refund or a credit of 110% wherein any material is determined not to meet the standard so specified. With prior business endeavors we have established greatest trust and confidence with all items that we have supplied through through our firm commitment to the principles of dedication, integrity, progressive intent and innovation, and quality. This is a core integral part of our purpose within the scientific community and the platform and services we wish to offer.

Payment Method:


Shipping & Handling:

All pricing is within USD.

Shipping is facilitated with discretion to afford promptest and most secure shipment.

Shipping Commitments:

Orders from stock will be shipped within a week unless otherwise denoted. We aim to ship as expeditiously as possible. Wherein such can be accommodated the goal is shipment within 24 hours. We intend to work hard to achieve a most expedited shipping time as we progress.

Where such delays are incurred we will always best look to compensate and show due respect for any inconvenience incurred.  We thank you for your gracious understanding in instances where such occurrences may arise.

Pre-Order Shipping:

(1) For Pre-Orders ordered without any other items please choose your method of shipping upon checkout.

(2) For Pre-Orders ordered with other item(s) from stock the Pre-Order item(s) will ship upon arrival FREE at no charge via USPS First Class Mail, Priority Mail, or UPS Ground or Select for domestic shipments. USPS International First Class Air Mail will be used for international shipments.

(3) For Pre-Orders ordered with other item(s) from stock where another method for shipment of the Pre-Order is desired, the desired method can be selected for purchase as a separate item under “Shipping Offers” to be charged accordingly. These would include International Priority and International Express Mail shipping. (currently not enabled; contact us at TLR@TeamTLR.com)

(4) For Pre-Orders ordered with other item(s) from stock and in which the order is desired to be held until the Pre-Order item(s) can be fulfilled, please at checkout choose the desired shipping option and note “ALL” in the comments section.

Shipment & Tracking Confirmations:

For delivery services with tracking the tracking information will be afforded promptly upon shipment execution so kindly note once processed such will be remitted near immediately. Please note, we will do our best to update wherein there are any unexpected delays and compensate accordingly in a manner to acknowledge any inconvenience incurred. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.